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The Band

Jessica Dion - Lead Vocalist / Songwriter

Jessica Dion is the lead singer of Whiskey Traveler, a Western Massachusetts country band she co-founded  with her father Bernie Dion in 2015. Jessica provides lead and background vocals and some acoustic guitar. She has also written some of the original music that Whiskey Traveler performs. Jessica performs with Whiskey Traveler as an acoustic act with Jon Dion and Bernie Dion, and also on full band performances which include Pete Asarese.

Jon Dion - Lead Guitar / Vocalist


Jon was introduced to music by his father Bernie. Ever since Jon can remember, his Dad played acoustic guitar and sang around the house. Because of his Dad's influence, Jon decided to take guitar lessons from Guy Wallis and Greg Gartska of Performance Music in Westfield, MA. Jon continued to improve his guitar skills, and he later took lessons from Dan Nawskon of the band Hope Lies Within. From 2013 through 2016, Jon played guitar in the hard rock/metal band, Queen Anne's Revenge, later known as Broadleaf. When Whiskey Traveler formed in 2015, Jon practiced with them and then played out at a few shows with them. Later that year, Jon officially joined Whiskey Traveler as a guitarist and vocalist. Jon plays electric guitar and acoustic guitar, as both lead and rhythm. He sings lead vocals in addition to background vocals. Jon is also playing the mandolin in Whiskey Traveler now, further showcasing his musical versatility.

Bernie Dion - Singer, Songwriter / Jack of all Trades


When Bernie was a child he started singing in church with his sister, and at the age of 10, he took violin lessons but quickly lost interest. At the age of 13, Bernie learned to play his brother's guitar by using an old chord book. Through the years Bernie continued to learn and play the guitar. While in high school, he also joined the school choir and played in musicals. After high school Bernie joined the Army. He continued to play guitar, frequently joining in on jam sessions. After marriage, many campfires, and three kids later, Bernie started singing and playing again in church, and singing at weddings and funerals. It was when Bernie's daughter Jessica started singing and wanted to perform at local events, that Whiskey Traveler was formed in 2015. Bernie's musical versatility is shown in the quantity and quality of different instruments that he is able to play. Bernie's "Jack of all Trades" title started when his daughter Jessica gave him a mandolin for Christmas. Then he had to get a violin because the notes were the same. Then, of course, because every country band needs a banjo, he learn to play that. For Whiskey Traveler, Bernie provides vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, violin, and banjo. Currently he is learning to play the keyboards. 

Pete Asarese - Drummer


When Pete was 8 years old, his uncle, who was a professional jazz drummer from Buffalo, New York, gave him his first lesson and introduction to the drums. From that day forward his love for the drums grew. Two years later, a different uncle gave him an old set of Tama drums. By age 12, Pete had started his first band, a jazz band named Incognito. When Pete was 14, his family moved to western Mass, where he put together a heavy metal band named Vengeance. They were quite popular with the high school crowd, playing outdoor events, parties, and school events. During his college years, Pete created a "pop rock" originals band named Straight Ahead, showcasing his own original songs and vocal talents. After college, Pete's focus changed to "other endeavors," and he took a little time off from his musical aspirations. It was 10 years later when Pete's brother Phil encouraged him to start drumming again and join a small three-piece band. Pete played off and on again for a few years. In 2018, while his brother Phil was playing drums for a local country band named Whiskey Traveler, Pete was asked to fill in for his brother. Since his brother's real passion was playing guitar and bass, the band asked Pete to become the main drummer, and his brother Phil became the bassist. And that is how it stands to this day!

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